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BACE-NMC offers the following:


• Breastfeeding Foundations for Perinatal Health Workers

Instructor: Jeanette Mesite Frem, MHS, IBCLC, RLC, CCE, CD

Nov. 6, 9AM – 6PM

Cyprian Keyes Golf Club

284 East Temple Street
Boylston, MA 10505


Fulfills DONA requirement





• 3 Day DONA International Approved Postpartum Doula Training


October training has been postponed – as soon as it is rescheduled we will email and post details!



• 4 Day DONA Approved Birth Doula Training

Next training: TBA

Four Day Course offers comprehensive interactive learning on:

  • The significance of birth across cultures
  • The benefits of doula support
  • How to work with the mother’s medical team
  • Providing comfort and emotional support during all stages of labor, including difficult labors, cesarean births and VBACs
  • How to build a trusting and meaningful relationship with mom and her family during pregnancy, labor, birth, and the first weeks postpartum
  • Supporting newborns
  • Overview of breastfeeding
  • DONA International’s Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice and additional required steps to certification as a DONA Int’l Birth Doula


We want all students to complete the course feeling fully confident and prepared to provide doula support to birthing women. For this reason, we are teaching a 26 hour course over 4 full days of training. We believe that this structure and pace will give students time to read the manual in between sessions, continue reading books on the required book list, ponder what they are learning, ask questions, prepare homework, and hopefully gain a deeper understanding of the material. Trainings that take place over one weekend are time efficient, but we want to provide an option for those students who prefer an expanded format with more time to own the material.

NOTE: DONA International doula certification requires additional steps. Please see the DONA website for details. 


• Introduction to Childbirth Education for Perinatal Health Workers

Next class: TBA

Approved by DONA International to meet one of the requirements for certification as a birth doula. Strongly recommended for those planning to take the 4 day DONA Approved Birth Doula Training