Free support for breastfeeding women

The Nursing Mothers’ Council offers free breastfeeding support. All Nursing Mothers’ Counselors are accredited volunteer breastfeeding counselors who have completed a rigorous training program. Some Counselors also facilitate Nursing Mothers’ Gatherings. Counselors are listed by town but you may call any Counselor for help and information. Maternal health professionals: please contact us to request a pdf copy of the counselor list that you can copy and distribute to clients.

NOTE: Every effort is made to keep the list current, but if you have any trouble reaching an individual counselor, please call the office number 617-244-5102 for a prompt referral. A few Counselors accept questions via email, but please be aware that email is not always reliable and counselors may not check email daily. For time-sensitive issues, please contact the Counselor by phone.

(*) = Best times to reach counselor are nights and weekends.

In addition to telephone support we offer a Resources page for mothers providing a list of helpful recommended reading and online resources.

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