sheilaAs an organization, BACE-NMC has provided childbirth education classes and trained childbirth educators for over 60 years. BACE-NMC is also well known in New England as a provider of quality conferences and workshops for professionals who work with childbearing families.

Today, childbirth education is at a crucial crossroads in our country. Too often, women get their initial childbirth information from dramatic episodes on television, which convey an abundance of fear and a sense of crisis. At the same time, many couples report that the childbirth education classes they attend are disappointing. We know that, in many cases, these classes are teaching women to be “good patients” rather than prepared and informed consumers.

BACE-NMC believes that wherever a woman and partner decide to learn about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and parenting, their education must be based on evidence and choice. In addition to offering the most current, evidence-based information, classes must be engaging, meaningful, and inspiring. We want to teach women to trust their innate abilities to birth and breastfeed. Couples should be able to understand and visualize the labor and birth process so that they can welcome it with confidence rather than fear. A good childbirth class should teach women and their partners how to better communicate with their chosen provider and how to be full participants in their perinatal care. We know that informed and empowered parents make decisions that work for them and that this leads to more satisfying birth experiences and stronger families.