BACE-NMC’s Administrative Coordinator

When you call the BACE-NMC number or email us, you will reach our Administrative Coordinator, Carole Kavanagh. Carole has served in that role for over 30 years, but her commitment to BACE-NMC goes back even further.

Carole and her husband took a BACE childbirth class when they were expecting their first child in 1979. That class changed Carole’s life in two ways: it taught her to trust in her ability to birth her baby and it led to a desire to help other women to experience the joys of birth and breastfeeding. She began volunteering for BACE-NMC and served on the board of directors for 28 years. Once her three children were grown, friends and family assumed Carole would return to her former career in genetic counseling, but she found that she could not leave BACE-NMC.

She wanted to be sure that her daughters and their friends would have choices when they had their own babies. Her belief in the mission of BACE-NMC and NMC has only been strengthened as she has watched her oldest daughter become a mother, supported by wonderful women from the organization.