Welcome to the Lexington Chapter of Nursing Mothers' Council! 

Are you pregnant or currently breastfeeding? All new and experienced mothers are invited to come and support one another at a Nursing Mothers' Gathering. An accredited Counselor will be present to facilitate discussion and provide evidence-based information. The topics are based on the needs and interests of attendees. Meetings are facilitated by Nursing Mothers’ Counselors.

We are here to offer breastfeeding help through local meetings and free phone support by accredited counselors. Women from all communities are welcome at our meetings, with their children of course!

Schedule of Nursing Mothers' Gatherings

Due to a decrease in attendance, there are no future Gatherings scheduled. Area counselors will continue to be available for phone support, and we encourage you to call with questions, concerns, or just to get reassurance that what you and your child(ren) are experiencing is “typical” nursing behavior. There are active NMC chapters holding Gatherings in Cape Ann, Newton, and Amherst: https://www.facebook.com/Nursing-Mothers-Council-of-Cape-A…/, Nursing Mothers' Council of Newton, Nursing Mothers' Council of Amherst.

Call a counselor for more information or phone support





Ann Marie